CSO union’s purpose

This Union’s purposes shall be to:

  • Represent its Members and all persons in its bargaining unit(s) in all their professional and employment relations with their employer, by employing organizing, bargaining, litigation, lobbying, and such other collective actions as may be necessary and appropriate.
  • Unite all workers within this Union’s jurisdiction, regardless of their race, national origin,
    socio-economic status, job classification, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or religion.

    To realize its purposes, this Union’s goals shall be to:

  • Secure, promote, and protect the employment rights of all unit members to assure economic security, a safe and healthy working environment, and fair and equitable treatment.
  • Secure, promote, and protect the equal employment opportunities for all and recognize that affirmative action is necessary to achieve this goal.
  • Educate CSO’s Members in the history of the labor movement and in contemporary labor problems and tactics, to develop unity and loyalty to this Union, as we study and act on the problems of its Members.
    Develop and maintain parity and partnership with all unit members’ employers.

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